Glass swing door hardware

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The Glass Swing Door is easy to clean and maintain. The smooth surface design is easy to wipe down, making it perfect for busy homes, offices, and retail spaces. The glass panel also provides an opportunity for natural light to enter, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and making the door an environmentally friendly option.

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Product Detail

Product Name Aluminium glass door
Aluminium profile thickness 1.4mm/2mm/3mm
Dimension Customized
Door leaf thickness 35/45mm
Glass Type Double Glass
Glass Color Grey Glass;Frosted Glass
Application Balcony,Kitchen
Hardware Handle, lock, sealing strip, friction hinge,etc.


The surface of the aluminum alloy swing door profile is made of wood grain transfer printing, electrophoretic coating, spraying and other processes. The texture is clear and delicate, with a strong sense of hierarchy. Repeated polishing makes the surface very smooth and feels natural.

The swing door has low noise when opening and closing, does not occupy the left and right walls of the door opening, has a long service life, and has good sealing, heat preservation and dust resistance.

The aluminum alloy profile for flat doors has good thermal insulation performance, good sealing performance, light weight, high strength, high bending strength, strong corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance. It is especially suitable for high-frequency places such as toilets.


1.Can I get a sample to check your quality?
Sample order is welcome.

2. How can I know the price exactly?
Please give the exactly size and quantity of your required door. We can give you a detail quotation based on your requirements.

3. Is it difficult to install your door?
Easy to install. We have manual book and installation video for your reference.We also provide support for training your staff in our factory.

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