Do hard fast doors meet safety standards?

Hard fast door is an advanced automatic door that has gradually become one of the common door categories in the commercial, industrial and logistics fields. However, the safety performance of hard fast doors still needs to be comprehensively evaluated and analyzed.

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First of all, the safety performance of hard fast doors should comply with relevant national standards and regulations. In China, hard fast doors belong to the category of automatic doors, and their safety standards should be evaluated in accordance with the “Safety Technical Specifications for Automatic Doors” (GB/T7050-2012). This standard mainly covers the door structure, door operation, control system, safety devices, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the door and to stop the movement in time in case of emergencies to ensure the safety of people and items.

Secondly, hard fast doors should have anti-collision capabilities. Hard rapid doors are usually used in logistics, warehousing and other places. The door body will encounter collisions with objects, vehicles, etc. during operation, so the door body should have certain anti-collision capabilities. Generally speaking, the door panel and the support structure of a hard fast door can be flexibly connected, and can bend or break away from the support structure when encountering an external impact, thereby reducing damage to the door body and external items.

In addition, the operational safety of hard fast doors should be taken seriously. Hard fast doors mostly use electric drive, so the safety of operators needs to be ensured during operation. Normally, the control system of hard fast doors will be equipped with safety photoelectric, airbag and other sensing devices. Once it detects that there are people or objects blocking the door when it is closed, the system will immediately stop the door to avoid accidents due to misoperation. Personal injury.
In addition, hard fast doors should also have fire protection functions. In some places that require fire isolation, such as warehouses, chemical plants, etc., hard fast doors need to be able to close quickly when a fire occurs to prevent the spread of the fire. At the same time, the material of the door body should also comply with fire protection standards and have certain heat resistance to ensure that it will not fail due to excessive temperature in the event of a fire.

Finally, installation and maintenance are also important parts of the safety standards of hard fast doors. The installation of hard fast doors should be carried out by professionals to ensure the stability and safety of the door body. At the same time, during use, the maintenance of hard fast doors should also be followed up in time to ensure the normal operation of all parts of the door body.

To sum up, the safety performance of hard fast doors should comply with relevant standards and regulations, and have the characteristics of anti-collision, safe operation, and fire prevention functions. At the same time, installation and maintenance are also important links to ensure the safety performance of the door. In actual applications, users should choose qualified suppliers and follow relevant operating specifications to ensure the safe use of hard fast doors.

Post time: Jul-10-2024