What are the styles of garage doors and how to choose one?

What does a garage mean to a home? It is a storage place for your car and the beginning of a beautiful life. In an era when parking has become a “rigid necessity”, owning a garage will get rid of the problem of parking difficulties. Especially in today’s era, with more and more private cars, owning a garage really saves trouble and effort. So how much do you know about decorating your garage? What styles of garage doors are available?

Currently, the commonly used garage doors on the market are automatic garage doors, including remote control, induction, and electric garage doors, which can be considered automatic garage doors. Automatic garage doors are subdivided into three types:

1. Roller shutter garage door

Roller shutter garage door. The more common roller shutter garage door on the market is an aluminum alloy garage door. Aluminum alloy and other materials are used to make the garage door, which is relatively hygienic and convenient to use. There are generally more styles to choose from, such as stainless steel rolling shutter doors, crystal rolling shutter doors, foam rolling shutter doors, etc. Aluminum alloy materials are also widely used in garage doors, with long service life and high durability.

The advantages of choosing a rolling shutter garage door are that it is easy to install, there are no excessive restrictions on installation conditions, the price is relatively low, there are many colors and styles to choose from, and it saves garage space.

2. Flip-type garage door

Flip-type garage doors can be classified into color steel plate garage doors, wood grain garage doors, solid wood garage doors, etc. They are mainly made of steel plates or aluminum plates. The structure of the door opening is an up-down flip-up type, which has a more beautiful appearance and is highly practical and durable.

The advantage of choosing a flip-type garage door is that it has a beautiful, simple and elegant appearance. At the same time, the door body is made of thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, which can also be used for fire protection and better safety when used in the garage door. Compared with roller-shutter garage doors, flip-type garage doors are made of thicker material and are more suitable for areas with severe cold climates.

3. Induction garage door

Sensor-type garage doors can be equipped with anti-theft security systems, and their safety performance is improved compared to rolling shutter doors and flap types. Inductive garage doors can use an infrared sensor system to protect the entry and exit of human bodies and vehicles. When theft occurs, an alarm will be issued in a timely manner to ensure the safety of people and property. Regarding the concerns about the use of the equipment, the equipment is generally equipped with a backup battery, so that even if there is a power outage, the door can be opened by induction.

The above is an introduction to the three classifications and advantages of garage doors. When choosing a garage door, the most important thing is to customize it. Based on the on-site installation conditions, style, budget and other factors of your own garage, the one that suits you is the best.



Post time: Oct-07-2023