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Industrial sectional doors are the perfect solution for large-scale commercial operations. Manufactured from high-quality panels, hardware, and motors, these doors are built to last. The panels are created using a continuous line process, which ensures a high level of precision and quality control. Every detail of the manufacturing process is monitored and maintained to ensure that each door delivers the best possible performance.

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Product Detail

Product Type Insulation industrial door
Application Industrial ware house, Logistic warehouse
Open Style Standard overhead lift, High lift, Vertical lift
Including 2" Galvanized hardware, 3" Galvanized hardware, Torsion spring
Safety optional Spring broken device, Cable broken device, Photocell, Radar, Geomagnetic, Pull rope, Wall switch
Material Galvanized steel, B3 grade PU foam (DOW) CFC free or B2 grade PU foam ( DOW) CFC free, PE protective film
Steel Thickness 0.326mm, 0.45mm thickness
1.0mm thickness reinforcement sheet


● The unique built-in braking system can furthest reduce the inertial stroke of industrial doors and make stop positions of doors accurate;
● The safe and reliable disengaging wrench facilitates the installation of users, the adjustment and maintenance of balancing springs and use during power outage;
● Having a thermal protection function, and high safety and reliability;
● Above IP54 of safety protection class;
● The low-temperature lubricating oil ensures that the machine runs stably, has low noise and a long service life, and is suitable for working in cold areas;


1. What are the benefits of using roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors offer several benefits, including enhanced security and protection against weather elements, insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. They are also durable and require minimal maintenance.

2. What are roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors are vertical doors made of individual slats that are joined together by hinges. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to provide security and protect against weather elements.

3. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are factory.

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