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Industrial sectional door is made up of high quality panel, hardware and motor. And the panel is made by continuous line. We strictly control all details to ensure outputting high quality products. We had cooperated many customers from over 40 countries.

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Product Detail

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Industrial sectional door


Galvanized steel with PU foaming inside

Material Construction

Steel-foam-steel, sandwich panel

Thickness of the steel plate

0.35/0.45mm both available

Thickness of the panel

40mm or 50mm

Section Style

Non-finger protection (SN40);
Finger protection (SF40S,SF40)

Section Size Range

430mm-550mm in height,
Max 12000mm in width

Section Surface Finish

Wood grain, orange peel, flush

Front-side design

Wood grain, with Rectangle/stripes design

Backside design

Wood grain, with Stripe design


Single Track with min headroom for 350mm;
Double Track with min headroom for 150mm

Door Openers

AC220V or 110V; DC Motor; 800-1500N

Opening Way

Electrical control and Manual operation


 White (RAL9016), other colors can be customized


1. Water and corrosion resistance, More than 20 years life.
2. Customized size, variety of color options.
3. Suitable for any hole, overhead lift to roof to save space.
4. Good airtightness, quiet operation. Thermal insulation and noise prevention.
5. Mutiple Opening methord: Manual opening, electrical with remote control, mobile wifi, wall swith.
6. Reliable spring, strong motor, nice roller and well-made guide rail make the door run smoothly.
7. Windows and pass door available.


1. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production.
Always final Inspection before shipment.

2. How do I choose the right roller shutter doors for my building?
When selecting roller shutter doors, factors to consider include the location of the building, the purpose of the door, and the level of security required. Other considerations include the size of the door, the mechanism used to operate it, and the material of the door. It is also advisable to hire a professional to help you choose and install the right roller shutter doors for your building.

3. How do I maintain my roller shutter doors?
Roller shutter doors require regular maintenance to ensure they operate effectively and prolong their lifespan. Basic maintenance practices include oiling the moving parts, cleaning the doors to remove debris, and inspecting the doors for any damages or signs of wear and tear.

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